Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sock Boy

Connor got two little sores on the bridge of his nose.  We found out one morning, when we went in and there was blood all over his face and bed, that he is a picker.  We tried many things to get him to stop.  We put Band-Aids on the sores, we taped his finger tips, and we a few other things.  Finally we decided that drastic measures had to be taken.  One night Zach grabbed the duct tape and I grabbed some socks.  We went into Connor's room when we knew he was asleep.  I grab one arm and put the sock over it while Zach duct taped it to his pajamas so that he couldn't take it off.  We did the same thing with the other arm.  Connor was pretty groggy through that whole thing.  It wasn't until about 3 in the morning that we heard a surprised squawk from his room.  He now thinks it is pretty cool that he gets to wear socks on his hands.  His sores are gone, but we found that since it is so dry in our house, Connor now picks his lips until they bleed.  So it looks like for now we are going to have to keep the socks on his hands.