Sunday, April 5, 2009

Catching up.

It has been a really long time since I have updated my blog so there are going to be a bunch of random entries that are probably in no way in any order, but I thought I would still put them down.  Just a quick update.  Zach and I are expecting our second child.  I know this is a little late in being posted, but I am due May 17th.  We are having another little boy and are very excited about it.  If you ask Connor, there is a brother in my belly and one in his too.  We have moved him into his new room and a big bed.  We are also in the process of potty training, which he is doing great at.  I stay at home and love taking care of him.  Things are busy in getting the nursery ready and painted.  I will have to get pictures up when it is done, if that happens.  Zach owns a little car dealership in Lehi and works from home some mornings before going into the "office."  We are in a great place in life.  We love our home and where we live.  Life is just wonderful.

Let it snow!!

  The other day Zach decided to take Connor out into the snow.  They got all decked out in their snow gear.  Quite an ordeal to get Connor into hat, gloves, coat, scarf, snowpants, and boots.  Once that was done, they headed out side.  
  Connor wasn't so sure about getting snow on his nice snow gear.  Zach decided to take him to the park behind our house to let him play a little bit.  Connor wouldn't move.  He was just stand there and want Zach to hold him.  

  Zach tried to get Connor to walk to him.  He tossed Connor out a little ways and tried to persuade him into walking to him.  Connor was not happy about this at all, but eventually made it to Zach and promptly told him that he wanted to come back inside.  Unfortunately Connor still does not like the snow, but doesn't mind being outside as long as he doesn't get wet at all.  Hopefully next winter will be much better. 

More Connor

  Zach's grandma Nana lives close by and we try to see her often.  The last time we were there Connor tried on her glasses.  He basically loves anything at Nana's

Super Cooking Connor!!!

Connor loves to help cook anything.  He loves to stir anything I will give him and is in charge of the mixer when we make cookies.  We recently made a lot of butter shortbread cookies for an activity.  We used a "cookie gun" (which he is holding) to press the cookies.  He also wanted to where his "cape" while he was helping.  He really is a Super Helper.