Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mmmm, Corn

This summer Connor discovered corn. It took a little bit for Connor to really figure out how to eat it, but as soon as that hurdle was crossed, all he wanted to do was eat corn. Thanks to my parents who gave us some of their corn and also helped teach him how to eat it.

Entertainment Tonight

Zach and I had the opportunity to take Connor to participate in the filming of a new little kids movie for a company called Little Play Dates. Entertainment Tonight came out to film some of what was going on to do a special on it in a month or so. We thought that this was Connor's chance to be a star. We got up to the ranch in Heber where the filming was going to take place and met with all of the parents and kids. They split us up into a few groups and then sent us out to play. This was Connor most of the time:
I didn't know that he was so antisocial. All of the kids were playing great and looking great for the camera. Connor enjoyed pushing his stroller around about as far away as he could get from everyone else. We did finally get him into playing on the hay with some of the other kids. Once he got there he really enjoyed dancing to the music and looking into the camera.

Overall I think that it turned out well. I don't think that it is quite the occupation that Connor would choose. But it was fun to take him and watch him play.


Two days after Connor's 2nd birthday, we were out for a walk and Connor was running down a path and fell. I think that all that hit the ground was his stomach and his forehead. He didn't have any scratches anywhere else.
Connor could not stop scratching it. He would do it at night and so every morning it looked a little bit worse. Two days after he did it we had his 2 year doctor's appointment. When the doctor came in to see him I quickly explained what had happened. The doctor just laughed. Connor then proceeded to fall down exactly like he had when he had done it. I am just thankful that it wasn't any worse.

Terrific Twos

Connor turned two a couple of weeks ago, I know I am slow in getting this up. This picture is him saying how old he is. He had a great birthday with lots of family coming over. Thanks for everyone that took time to call or come by to see him. I can't believe that he is actually two. It seems just like yesterday we were heading to the hospital to have him. He certainly has grown.
For his birthday I decided to make a monkey cake. I looked in many places and finally found a pattern that I thought that I could make. This is what it turned out to be:
I hope that Connor liked it. I think that his favorite part was the eyes. They were Jr. Mints and as soon as we finished singing "Happy Birthday" he grabbed the eyes and ate those. He wasn't such a fan of the cake, but he really isn't much of a dessert kid.
We are so lucky to have such a great kid.