Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day this year we decided to do something together as a family. We decided that we would go to the Aquarium because Connor really likes it. We got the boys ready and headed out.
Here Connor is sitting as captain of the ship they have there.
They also have a Stingray pond that you can pet the stingrays. Connor doesn't like touching the stingrays, but he likes to play in the water. One Stingray came up and startled Connor. I am surprised that he wanted to put his hands back in.
Connor's favorite animal to see is the blue dart frog. We like to see who can find it the fastest.
This is a picture to show that Ethan was actually there with us. He had a fun time sitting and watching everything go by. He also like to suck on anything that was handed to him. Overall it was a great Valentine's outing.
For Valentine's Day we had some family over for dinner. It was fun to have a low key Valentine's day and to spend it with family. I hope that you all had a good Valentine's Day!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Trip To Arizona

A couple of weeks ago we decided to take a trip to Arizona. Zach has some family that lives there and I have some friends that moved there. We decided to take a little trip and see all of them. The last time that we flew was when Connor was not quite 2. So it had been a while. He didn't remember flying that time, so this was kind of like his first time. We left pretty early in the morning. Connor was very excited to go on a large plane.
Here he is sitting on the plane waiting for it to take off. When we left it was snowing and we had to wait for the plane to be deiced. It took quite a while to do that, but Connor loved watching the truck spray the plane.
For the flight, Connor got to watch Thomas the Train. He loved wearing his "I phones." That is what he calls his earphones. I think that he hardly even noticed that we were on a plane.

After we landed, we rented a car and headed to Sun City West where Great Grandma Jean lives. When we got there she was wondering if we could get something out of the pool that had blown in there from the last rain storm.
Connor was fascinated with the pool and that it was so close to her house. I wish that it would have been warmer so that he could have gone swimming.
Connor enjoyed dragging the tools that Zach had used to get the things from out of the pool.
He really liked to stick them in the water and see how they looked different.

I think that Connor would have stayed there forever if we would have let him. There were so many new things to see.
Great Grandma Jean has a few trees in her back yard. She let Connor pick some oranges and lemons. He really enjoyed picking things out of the trees.
Zach's Mom, Gramuzzy, was also there. We went out to lunch with them. Connor thought he was in heaven with all of the attention.
Great Grandma Jean is showing Connor how to find the right lemon.

It seems like I am always posting pictures that are turned the wrong way, but that is how it goes when this blogging service won't let you turn pictures (or I haven't found out how to do that yet). I realized that this is really the only picture of Ethan that we have, but he really wasn't picking oranges or playing in the pool, as much as he wanted to.
After we went to Sun City West we headed to Mesa to find our hotel. We checked in and then headed to Zach's Uncle's house. We went and had dinner with Uncle Tommy, Aunt Kathy, and Chaylee, their daughter. It was fun visiting them.
The next day we met up with Anne and Miles her son. We headed over to a place called Jeepers so that Connor would have a place to let his energy out.
This place was great. There was rides like this one and there was also a "soft play" area that had slides and places to climb in. It was like a really big play place like they have at a fast food restaurant. We found out that "soft" play is a very loose term. The day after we were there and climbed all around the "soft" play area, my knees had bruises and I couldn't kneel on anything.
Another sideways picture of us . This is outside of Jeepers. It was a really fun time and I wished that we lived closer so that we could go more often.

That night we headed over to Anne's house for dinner. There was a couple people from high school there with their families. It was fun seeing old friends and watching our kids play together.
Jasmine made really good brownies for dessert and they were really being enjoyed. Here is her two boys and Connor getting the full experience of the brownies.

It was a really great trip. We were able to see a lot of people and have a really fun time.