Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Boys

These are some pictures of the boys playing and having fun. Ethan just got two teeth. I was trying to get them in this picture, but you really can't see them.

I know that this one is sideways, but I just love it. Connor loves to take pictures with an old camera that we don't use any more. He really likes to take pictures of Ethan.
Connor is telling Ethan about the finer points of coupons. Ethan listened intently and then tried to eat one of them.
Zach and Ethan are having a staring contest. I think that Ethan might have won when he blew a raspberry that made Zach close his eyes. The boys certainly love playing with there dad.

Cascade Springs

We went to Cascade Springs on Monday. We decided that we wanted to try and get up there before it got cold. The colors were just amazing. Connor had a fun time running around and looking at the water and fish. Ethan was content to sit in the stroller and just watch.

There was a fire up there a couple of years ago. Here are some of the burnt trees that look like they are coming out of the middle of the new growth that has changed colors. It was really pretty to see.

I love this picture of Father and Son walking together. I think they even walk alike. It was a perfect day for a drive and a walk.